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Hi. I’m Alex. I started dancing with Wreckers about 5 years ago. My husband Ian joined as a musician, and the following week he suggested I have a go at dancing. Well I did, and that same night I handed over my membership money and before I knew it I was a Wrecker! Everyone was so friendly and encouraging. It did take a while to become familiar with the dances, but soon you get used to which way to turn in a Lichfield Hey (well sort of!).


Wrecking is great fun and going to different festivals over the summer is always something to look forward to. You don’t have be any particular type of person to join – anyone can have a go and there are always loads of people to help you through with the dancing and the music.


In Autumn 2021, I joined Committee and took on the role of Publicity Officer. So you will see me taking hundreds of photos at our dance outs, and publicising our events all over Facebook and Twitter. Also, I liaise with the Editors of any publications interested in writing about us, and with event publicity officers, sending Wreckers’ info and photos, and generally making sure everyone knows who we are and where we are going to be.

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