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When I decided to get into Morris, the first YouTube clip I saw was Wreckers at Chippenham … and I was hooked. At the time, I was living up country, so I joined a local side. Through the workings of the Morris world, I was eventually invited to play for Wreckers and, as I was relocating to the South West, I accepted.


In 2021, having moved to Cornwall, I was elected as Squire, a post that I was very proud to accept. As Squire, I have overall responsibility for the side, which ranges from representing the side at music festivals, right down to overseeing details of how the side is run.


Wreckers are a mixed Border Morris side, and our colours of black and gold represent the ancient Cornish kings. Many of our dances are based around Cornish legends and stories, but we do dance a few 'traditional' Border dances as well, albeit with our own individual twist.


We play a mixture of tunes, including Cornish ones, but any musicians joining beware … we have a reputation of improvising at any given moment! It keeps the band on its toes, but we have great fun!


We are a friendly and encouraging side, with Members living in Cornwall and over the border in Devon, as well as a few from as far away as Somerset and Hampshire.

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