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Having danced pretty continuously in many different forms since I was 2, and played music from around the same time, border morris could be judged as just another dance/music style for me – but, no, it is so much more….


Steve and I joined Wreckers after looking at various local sides and a referral from a side a little too far away from home to realistically practice with – and what a referral! The famous Wreckers family opened their arms to us and the rest is history. I think we hold the record for quickest to dance out – literally a mere 16 days after attending our first practice we were dancing out at the Boscastle Dark Gathering – what an honour, and a testament to the power of Wreckers. Somehow that developed within the year into me being on the committee, as Treasurer initially and currently with no specific portfolio.


So, what is Wrecker power? And, what is the “so much more”??


A big (maybe the biggest) morris side all supporting each other & pulling together through the ups and downs life brings; a shared love of dance, music and the folk world; encouraging all members to engage with not just dance or music, but both; joyous, entertaining dances with back stories from the local area; a wall-of-sound band unlike anything else out there; raising money for a different personally-championed charity every year; the energy that helps sweep dancers and musicians alike into the performance…like it really matters! Above all, Wreckers is synonymous with fun – fun dance outs, fun evenings in the pub after practice, fun events outside of official dance spots. We’re the raucous, energetic, slightly mad, larger-than-life bunch at the end of every parade, making a massed camping area full of cheese and frivolity at festivals, life and soul of every session – and yes, we make mistakes, yes, we’re not perfect, but we grin, we pick up the stick, we assail each other with cries of “next round’s on you” and then we carry on dancing like it matters. That’s Wreckers.

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