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I had seen Wreckers dancing around my local are for years and was always drawn to their infectious energy and music. So when my children left home and I needed something to fill the gap, I thought how about a bit of Morris dancing!


I had not been part of the folk scene and certainly never danced in a group before! When it came to making my tatters, it was initially all a bit of a puzzle.  I now assist the kit Master because I enjoy helping others put their tatters together. 


I love the fact that we are all dressed in black and gold, but each person’s kit is totally individual, reflecting their personality and creativity, especially our hats. Take a look at any photos of the side; bowler hats, pith hats, top hats, vintage hats, pilot’s hats … topped with golden wings, bees, pasties, skulls, beer mats, ivy, steam punk glasses, dragons, ducks and not forgetting many feathers. For winter dance outs, holly and sparkly lights are often added!


Each of us wears 20 bells, and 160 or more tatters on our costumes. That’s a side average of 1,200 bells and 9,600 tatters! And each dancer has at least two sticks, and a bag of spares, totalling 140 hand cut sticks! And that’s all before we’ve even started to dance!


Anyway I’m off now … got some bells to polish and tatters to cut!

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