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Its funny now I think about my journey through the Morris world, as it simply feels like family. Especially with Wreckers.


Having been a member of many sides in Berkshire, dancing Cotswold, Border, Northwest and Step Clog, I had come across Wreckers on a number of occasions at a festival or two. I always chatted to them between their dances and had thought 'I wish we lived closer'. But we didn’t need to live closer, we just had to be willing to drive from Berkshire to Cornwall for a weekend practice and we were hooked, subs paid and we were in. We also had plans to relocate to Cornwall anyway, so it was always going to happen! Now we live in Cornwall, it feels like it’s always been. I think the sea air, and the lifestyle lends itself rather well to a large Morris team who are the most relaxed and fun family. I will never forget the first event we attended (Chippenham) and as we drove in, knowing only a few faces at that time, we had a trail of black and gold tatter jackets running alongside the van with a glass of prosecco to welcome our arrival to the camp site!


While I don’t dance for Wreckers, I am one of a number of musicians, and I love the interactions between the dancers and the musicians, and the positive encouragement that we give to one another.


Learning a new instrument? Brilliant. Bring it along to practice. Even if it’s just a single note you play, you'll feel the black and gold empire cuddle you, and you will be back – you won’t be able to resist!

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